The Illustrated Vance
The World~Thinker
Planet of the Black Dust
Phalid's Fate
I'll Build Your Dream Castle
Magnus Ridolph ~ 1
Magnus Ridolph ~ 2
Chateau d'If
The Five Gold Bands
The Loom of Darkness
Brain of the Galaxy
Overlords of Maxus
Men of the Ten Books
Son of the Tree
Masquerade on Dicantropus
The Plagian Siphon
Dover Spargill's . . .
Abercrombie Station
Sabotage on Sulfur Planet
Cholwell's Chickens
Big Planet
Planet Of The Damned
Three-Legged Joe
The Mitr
The World Between
Four Hundred Blackbirds
The Enchanted Princess
Meet Miss Universe
The Gift of Gab ~ 1
The Miracle Workers ~ 1
Ullward's Retreat
The Men Return
A Practical Man's Guide
Dodkin's Job
The Augmented Agent ~ 1
Fantastic Stories
The Dragon Masters ~ 1
The Last Castle
The Man From Zodiac
The Domains of Koryphon
Marune: Alastor 933

An Extraordinary Gallery of Artists
Illustrating Stories by Jack Vance.

Cover to Thrilling Wonder Stories, Summer 1945
Cover by Earl Bergey

Biography of, and comment by, Jack Vance

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