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The Illustrated Vance
The Five Gold Bands ~ 2


Thrilling Wonder
The World~Thinker
Planet of the Black Dust
Phalid's Fate
I'll Build Your Dream Castle
Magnus Ridolph ~ 1
Magnus Ridolph ~ 2
Chateau d'If
The Five Gold Bands ~ 1
The Five Gold Bands ~ 2
The Loom of Darkness
Brain of the Galaxy
Overlords of Maxus
Men of the Ten Books
Son of the Tree
Masquerade on Dicantropus
The Plagian Siphon
Dover Spargill's . . .
Abercrombie Station
Sabotage on Sulfur Planet
Cholwell's Chickens
Big Planet ~ 1
Big Planet ~ 2
Planet Of The Damned
Three-Legged Joe
The Mitr
The World Between
Four Hundred Blackbirds
The Enchanted Princess
Meet Miss Universe
The Gift of Gab ~ 1
The Gift of Gab ~ 2
The Miracle Workers ~ 1
The Miracle Workers ~ 2
Ullward's Retreat
The Men Return
A Practical Man's Guide
Dodkin's Job
The Augmented Agent ~ 1
The Augmented Agent ~ 2
Fantastic Stories
The Dragon Masters ~ 1
The Dragon Masters ~ 2
The Last Castle
The Man From Zodiac
The Domains of Koryphon
Marune: Alastor 933

Illustrated by Paul Orban

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