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The Illustrated Vance
Abercrombie Station


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Abercrombie Station
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Marune: Alastor 933

February 1952
Thrilling Wonder ~ February 1952
Cover by Earle Bergey

Editorial Blurb

There have always been colonies - colonies of nudists, artists, vegetarians, non-conformists and plain old rugged individualists. Here at Abercombie Station, for the first time, we have a colony for fat people. Nor is their chosen isolation intended merely to avoid ridicule. It has a practical advantage. Far from Earth's burdensome gravity, freed of the chains of their weight, the fat people can skip as lithesome as lambs on the green, while their avoirdupois, instead of sagging grotesquely, balloons in rich, rosy, enticing curves.
Everybody has a different idea of paradise, but if you happen to be dieting - or should be - you'll have fun with Jack Vance's idea of a heavyweight heaven.

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